Sensient Industrial Colorants formulates products designed to reduce production complexity, thus leading to cost reduction and minimization of resources, not only internally but for our customers, as well. In addition to the obvious customer cost benefit of superior products that provide efficiency and economy, this is part of our commitment to innovation that takes seriously our responsibility both environmental and social.

We hold ourselves responsible, ultimately, to people. We provide safety to the end user, particularly in the seed coating industry, by offering superior visual identification for product recognition. The better the color definition, the stronger the product identification, the greater the safety and protection.

Additionally, our manufacturing processes themselves are subject to the highest standards and strictest regulations. Our products are subjected to rigorous quality control testing in dedicated, approved production facilities routinely open to inspection by existing and potential customers.

Sensient is dedicated to delivering the safest color products, originating from strictly qualified sources across the globe. We implement our global strategy, network, and reach to source only the best materials. All of our sourced materials are part of a detailed traceability program and are CFR-21 compliant.

Global sourcing and manufacturing ensures continuous, uninterrupted supply. Sensient’s supply chain personnel regularly inspect suppliers and work directly with growers and/or manufacturers of raw materials, holding them to the highest standards.

We hold ourselves responsible, also, to the environment. All of our products and solutions are developed with the goal of reducing production and application waste, from delivery systems and pigments that reduce color waste to crop development programs that produce stable botanical sources from which we extract raw materials for natural colors. Sensient is at the forefront of the natural, environment-friendly movement, and everything we do is aimed at exceeding consumer expectations of safety, security, and sustainability.