Green Links

Sensient Introduces Two New SensiPro™ Green Links Turf Colorants

Sensient Colors LLC, announces the addition of two new colors to the SensiPro line of turf colorants.  SensiPro Green Links Masters and SensiPro Green Links Tournament provide two darker green choices to compliment the popular SensiPro Green Links Premier and SensiPro Green Links Sport turf colorants.  All four colors can be used to match grass color, grass type, and to match or adjust for seasonal changes in turf color.  The colors are also used to provide distinct color differences for fairways, rough, tee boxes, and putting greens.

All of the SensiPro turf colors are high colorant content dispersions manufactured with environmentally friendly pigments and additives.  The high colorant content formulations provide deep, rich, long lasting color with a single-pass application.  The liquid dispersions are available in 1 quart, 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon containers.  Custom packaging and custom colors are available upon request.