Sensient Introduces Environmentally Friendly Colorant Options for Hydroseeding

Sensient Industrial Colors LLC has developed a range of new, environmentally friendly colorants for hydroseed applications.  The new colorants were designed as a replacement for Malachite Green.  They provide a grass-like color, or an alternative highly visible color, to mulch used in hydroseeding spray slurries without the environmental concerns associated with Malachite Green.

Hydroseeding is an effective method of applying grass seed to new roadside landscapes and large construction projects where cleared land needs to be seeded quickly with grass.  The water-based slurries contain mulch,  grass seed, additives, and a colorant. Typically, Malachite Green is used to provide green color to the mulch. Recently, the State of Minnesota's DOT banned the use of Malachite Green in all hydroseeding slurries due to concerns over potential harmful effects on marine life and water fowl. Sensient’s innovation team developed a grass-green colorant that delivers a natural appearance to the hydroseeding spray while maintaining the erosion control and moisture retention.  In addition, the colorant is quick-fading. The colorants provide applicators with an easy-to-see indicator of spray pattern uniformity, thus eliminating the potential for bare spots or costly overspraying.  In addition to grass-green and bright blue, other environmentally friendly custom colors are available upon request.